Version 1.0 is Imminent

Added all the final things I think are necessary for 1.0:

  • There is now an ending to the game. Huzzah!
  • An "About" screen and credits.
  • A functioning pause menu.

Some minor updates:

  • A new font throughout. It turns out my first choice was only free for personal use, and a game/app license was going to be $400. The new font is more readable anyway.
  • The credit counter shows green text flying up for things that add to your score, and red text flying down for things that take away (fines, purchases).
  • The Carrier end-level scene now gives an itemized postmortem on your score for the level: how much your gems were worth, minus deductions, plus bonuses.
  • You can now continue straight to the next contract from the Carrier end-level scene with a large "Next Contract" button.
  • There is a bonus you can earn, but you don't know what it is until you earn it, and it's very difficult to get. Of course.
  • Updated some level intro text.
  • There are now only 24 levels.

What's left is wider beta testing, and making a video and promotional stills. Then it's to release!

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Sep 06, 2022
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Sep 06, 2022

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